Monday, February 11, 2013

Impossible Dreams

Against all logic, I've set myself an almost-unmeetable spinning goal.  Before I attend Madrona this Friday, I'd like to have finished spinning the fiber I bought there two years ago.  I've made good progress in the two years I've been working on it.  From its original weigh-in at 11 oz, it's currently down to just below 2 oz.  This technically makes my goal not completely impossible, just...ambitious.  Keep in mind that I am spindle-spinning a lace-weight yarn.  I actually set this goal a little over a week ago but almost immediately picked up a job working on a music video (for a band you may have actually heard of) so I got derailed for about a week.  Now it's really time to double down!

I've signed up for another mini-class at Madrona this year.  Being a freelancer means that by the time I have a sense of whether I'll be available enough to take a class, most classes are sold out.  But I did manage to grab a spot in a class that teaches knitters how to avoid hand/wrist pain, which I'm hoping will be quite useful.  I'm also planning to attend the Friday night teacher gallery & Donna Druchunas' talk on native Alaskan lace knitters.

Finally, you can expect to see the title of this post pop up again in the hopefully-not-too-distant future as I realized upon coming up with it that it is not just an apt description of my spinning goal, but the perfect name for the multi-colored alpaca fiber I've been spinning.  I'll spare you all the cheesy cliches about "living the dream" & "realizing my dreams" that are running through my head right now.  Suffice it to say, I'm off to do some spinning.