Friday, April 5, 2013

Structure & Craft

Now that I'm able to knit & spin again, I've been feeling motivated by a crafting calendar of sorts.  It's nothing too strict, I've just been working on my various WIP's in a certain order.

Day 1: Buttony Sweater. I divided for the sleeves today & the rounds are going much faster with them off the needles.  I'm a little concerned that the sleeves are too big but since this is my first sweater in this style & I still have to seam the sleeves closed, I'm just going to let it slide for now & see how things turn out.

Day 2: Mermaid's Lagoon Socks.  I'm progressing along the leg portion of sock #2.  Nothing of note to report here.

Day 3: Impossible Dreams spinning.  I'm officially halfway through the fiber!  And my second bobbin is almost full so since I only have three bobbins, some plying is in my future.  Can't wait to see how a plied skein looks!  I'm thinking this will yield a significant amount of yarn in a DK or light worsted weight but I can't even imagine what I will knit with it!

Day 4: Sunset spinning.  I've returned to this & am on the home stretch.  There is LOTS of plying to be done once this is spun up so I might start it before all the singles are spun if I need a break.

I don't expect to keep to this forever but for now, it's working really well.  It allows me to see progress on everything I'm working on & feel like things are moving along, perhaps more quickly than they actually are.

And while I'm nowhere near done with any of these projects, I just bought the yarn for my next project, Kate Davies' Owls sweater.  I've loved this sweater forever & have had a gift certificate to KnitPicks for the past year & a half that I didn't know what to do with.  So I finally put two & two together & realized that I could pretty much buy the yarn outright with this gift certificate.  I chose Wool of the Andes Bulky in the Jam colorway (pictured at right) & am really looking forward to casting on for such a bright sweater!  I'm also planning some Xmas knitting this year & expect to start that soon too.  No idea what anyone's getting yet so if any family or friends have requests, now is the time to submit them!

Tomorrow is the first full day of Vogue Knitting Live Seattle & I plan to spend most of the weekend there.  There were plenty of half price discount codes floating around leading up to the event so I made use of one & bought the Saturday/Sunday marketplace pass.  My goals are modest: say hi to the lovely folks from Churchmouse Yarns & Teas, seek out & intro myself to the kick-ass couple behind KnitCrate (Hudson Valley residents traveling all the way to Seattle for this event) & take tons of pix for this here blog.  I don't need to buy any yarn or fiber, attending this event is more about the experience than anything else.  Plus I just saw many of these vendors at Madrona.  

Speaking of Madrona, I found myself sitting next to an incredibly prolific spinner whilst knitting with Brenda Dayne & when someone remarked on her rapid & extremely professional progress, she began handing out fliers for her yarn business.  I must admit I only just went to her Etsy shop today but I was blown away.  The yarn & fiber at Edgewood Garden Studio is absolutely glorious.  The colors are so rich that I want to knit with all of them!  I'd like to start buying yarn from more indie dyers/spinners & this one is right at the top of my list.  She won't be vending but when the time comes that I actually need yarn again, I will keep her in mind.  Until then, there's plenty in my stash to keep me very, very busy!


Unknown said...

I think the fiber I got at KnitFit in Ballard was from Edgewood Fibers! It was a dream to spin, and I remember admiring the handspun yarns she had for sale in her booth.

Unknown said...

p.s. I don't know why it says unknown since it had me sign in, but it's Cass :)

juniperjune said...

Nice, I'm so glad you're back to being able to spin and knit as much as you want!