Monday, January 27, 2014

Breaking the Silence

After four months of silence, you might imagine that I have piles & piles of knitting to blog about.  As it turns out, I have two FO's, one project in hibernation & a pretty damn good excuse for all this inactivity.  First, the FO's.

Over the last few years, the holidays have been getting progressively crazier & more last-minute, partially because of our extensive travel schedule (our families are in 3 different parts of NY & I try to hit them all each year) & partially because there is always a flurry of work in December & I hate to miss out on a single day of it.  Due to this, last year I didn't knit any gifts at all & this year I only knitted one.  While I started it pretty late in the game & it required learning a new skill, luckily it was still straightforward enough to be done with a few days to spare.

As soon as I saw the Incognito Cowl, I knew it was perfect for one of Dan's sisters.  I already had the dark purple yarn (Cascade Eco+) & the black yarn (Bernat Satin Solids) in my stash so I just had to buy a skein of Cascade 220 Superwash in Wisteria for the body.  The mustache is done using duplicate stitch, which I'd never done before, but I found it very easy & I'm happy with the results.  The background color shows through in a few places but for the most part, I think it looks good.  I even lost the chart for the mustache during the trip but since I had already done one half of it, it was easy enough to refer to the completed half, rather than the chart, when doing the second half.   

After returning to Seattle, I cast on the Aviatrix hat, using the skein of Simplicity HiKoo that I won at the Skacel 25th Anniversary party last year.  I've loved this hat since I first saw it, long before I had any need or desire to knit it.  I don't particularly care for most baby items but this one always seemed unique & sophisticated.  As it turns out, it was also a really fun knit with an interesting & unexpected construction.  It knit up really quickly, even in a DK weight yarn, which was so nice after the endless saga of the Buttony Sweater (more on that shortly).  My only complaint is that the yarn has a lot of plies, which made it split quite often during knitting.  I often found myself having to go back & reunite errant plies with their rightful stitches, which got a little annoying.  Overall though, it was worth it since I love the hat.  Despite the minor frustration, I would knit with this yarn again if I had the chance. 

I still need to attach the button to this hat but I have a little time before anyone will need to wear it so I think I'm going to let that be one of my Madrona purchases.  Just 3 more weeks till Madrona! But who's counting?

You'll probably find me knitting a lot more baby items over the next few months, since Dan & I are expecting a kid in April.  Like I said, I don't like a ton of baby knits but there are a few that I'm looking forward to casting on (Gramps cardigan!!!)  And the instant gratification of baby knitting plus the ability to use yarn that I only have 2-3 skeins of is an added bonus.

The only downside is that I finished the damn Buttony Sweater just in time to not even remotely fit into it anymore.  I have high hopes that it'll eventually fit me, as it seemed to be fitting well when it was in progress, but it'll definitely be a few months.  For now, it's going into hibernation since quite frankly, I'm sick of it!  Assuming that it fits, I love the way it looks & hope to get a lot of wear out of it, but right now I'm looking forward to not looking at it for a little while.  Hopefully I'll be newly motivated to weave in the ends, sew on some buttons (which I also need to buy) & block it by the time it comes out of hibernation.  Till then, I'll be indulging in a few more quick knits for myself & my new little buddy!   

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juniperjune said...

WHAAAAAT, how did i miss the news that you and dan are expecting?? super congrats!!!