Saturday, September 8, 2012

Skacel's 25th Anniversary Party

Seattle is a pretty fun place to be a knitter.  We've got annual events like Stitch 'n Pitch & the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival.  We've got about a million great yarn shops & knitting groups.  And we have distributors like Cascade & Skacel right in our backyard.  Until recently, these two members of our knitting community were almost completely invisible to me.  However, Skacel recently threw a party to celebrate their 25th anniversary & I discovered a new wealth of knitting awesomeness hidden away in an unassuming office park.

Most of the day was spent participating in activities like yarn bombing, games & posting photos to Facebook, all of which earned points that could be redeemed for knitting-related prizes.  Oh yes, there were prizes!  In fact, I walked away with a few good ones: 3 skeins of yarn & a Skacel-branded beer stein!  There were also piles of delicious free food & beer, all with a German theme to celebrate the founders' German heritage.

Nothing but yarn as far as the eye can see.

We also got to take a tour of the factory, which was by far my favorite activity.  We saw enviable amounts of yarn & learned that Skacel is the sole North American distributor of Addi Turbo needles!  I also wound up meeting the proprietor of the recently-closed Yarn Stash, a yarn shop which was across the street from my dentist's office.  I had recently stopped in during their liquidation sale & scored some killer deals on yarn & magazines (all magazines for $1, including an issue of knit.wear from 2011 which retails for $15!!!) so it was nice to thank her for having a great shop & wish her well in retirement.  Though going to the dentist will be slightly less rewarding from now on.  :)

The tour ended in the samples room, where we saw tons of garments knitted in the yarns we'd just seen on the shelves. I love seeing how a yarn knits up & which projects the experts pair it with.  But we were not confined to just looking.  In fact we were encouraged to take the garments off the shelves & try them on.

This was a great opportunity to hang out with other knitters & learn more about a major player in our local knitting scene.  If only more bland industrial zones secretly held warehouses full of yarn!

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juniperjune said...

Nice! Yeah, I knew Skacel *only* as the distributor of Addi; I didn't know they did yarn, too!