Saturday, October 6, 2012

Round & Round We Go

I may be the only knitter on earth not currently thrilled that it's autumn but my body clock is a little out of whack with the change of seasons this year.  I think I spent an even higher proportion of our short summer indoors behind a computer than usual so I didn't experience enough summer to feel like it was actually here.  Now that it's over, that doesn't feel right either & that means that the time of year I usually like best feels weird & out of place.  But while it's still sunny, there is no denying that autumn is indeed here.  

The photo on the left was taken at Bainbridge Island's Bloedel Reserve, a beautiful nature preserve that Dan & I visited a couple weeks ago before stopping by Churchmouse Yarns & Teas to check out the Brooklyn Tweed trunk show & say hello to Jared Flood.  Imagine my excitement when Jared remembered me from February's Madrona Fiber Arts Festival!  

I figured I just had to buy some Shelter or Loft whilst I was there so getting to examine & try on the BT pieces was really helpful.  It turns out that the Original Loop size of the Eternity Scarf from BT Fall 12 fits exactly like I want a cowl to fit: it covers my neck completely when wrapped double.  So I chose 4 skeins of Loft in the Tent colorway for some cold-weather knitting.

Cowls seem to be my knitting theme this year as I just completed my Gray's Ferry Cowl.  Like I mentioned above, I'm rather particular about the way cowls fit & although I enjoyed making this project, it does not meet my fit requirements.  It leaves too much of my neck exposed & that just won't do when it gets cold & damp (as it soon will).  So I've decided to donate it to the Warm for the Winter project.  Hopefully someone else will find it useful & enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed knitting it.


But that's not the end of CowlQuest 2012, oh no!  Last year's obsession with chunky knits has re-emerged & finally found an outlet in the Vite Cowl.  I love, love, love this fat, leafy, squishy ring of warmth and am currently knitting it in Cascade Eco + held double in the Dark Plum colorway.  It is downright luscious!  Unfortunately I have no photos right now but I'll include some in my next post along with the photos of the thick-&-thin handspun I mentioned at the beginning of September.       

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juniperjune said...

That's a cute cowl; I hope it finds a happy home! And I'm looking forward to seeing your thick-and-thin handspun; I've still never really tried to spin anything other than normal fingering- or laceweight yarn.